Welcome to the Polycom® RealAccessTM Documentation Site

Polycom® RealAccess™ is a secure service delivery platform that monitors and manages video conferencing solutions, including resource capacity, utilization, and performance analytics. The robust RealAccess data and reports give customers valuable information about their video-conferencing investments and can help guide resource decisions.

Scope of Service

The scope of the Service includes only the services identified in the Polycom RealAccess™ Analytics Service Description document. The following is a non-exhaustive list of items that are not included in the scope for this Service:

  • The Service does not include RealAccess Service Platform onboarding service.
  • The Service does not include troubleshooting of the RealPresence Resource Manager or DMA system installations.
  • The Service does not include consulting and interpretation of reporting results.
  • The Service does not include any onsite visits.
  • The Service does not include the implementation of user access authentication, as that is part of the RealAccess Onboarding Service.
  • The Service will not provide custom report development.
  • The Service will not show metrics of video.
  • This Service is applicable for a single customer environment and is not valid for service providers or multi-tenant environment. To inquire about these forms of the Service please contact your Polycom service representative.