plcm-dial-rule-preliminary-debug-result.xsd Documentation

Imported Namespaces

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plcm-dial-rule-preliminary-debug-result  PlcmDialRulePreliminaryDebugResult

The result of a preliminary debug request. Content-Type: application/vnd.plcm.plcm-dial-rule-preliminary-debug-result+xml.

Complex Types

PlcmDialRulePreliminaryDebugResult Fields

plcm-dial-rule-preliminary-debug-request plcm-dial-rule-preliminary-debug-requestSee Definition of plcm-dial-rule-preliminary-debug-requestMandatory
final-resultxs:string The outcome of running the script. If the script rejected the dial string (skipping the dial rule action and passing it on to the next dial rule), a message tells you so. Otherwise, the transformed dial string is displayed.
script-outputxs:string Any output produced by the script (e.g., println statements).
output-sip-headersxs:string For an external SIP peer’s postliminary, displays the headers produced by the script.