Configuration data for a client using Poly licensing.

PlcmPolyLicenseConfig Fields

atomLinkList Array of LinkSee Definition of Link
usePolyLicensingboolean Specifies if Poly licensing is in use/should-be-used or not. Mandatory
serialNumberstring Specifies the serial number of the installed product Mandatory
productIdstring Specifies the ID of the client product. Mandatory
productVersionstring Specifies the version string (x.y.z) of the client. Mandatory
requestTokenCredentialstring For auto-updating licenses, this is the required token credential to use for the connection.
licenseServerAddr1string For auto-updating licenses, this is the required primary server:port to use for the connection.
licenseServerAddr2string For auto-updating licenses, this is the optional backup server:port to use for the connection.
instanceNiceNamestring Optional nice name for the product instance/installation to use in sorting/display on the license server.
alternateboolean (deprecated) - States if the licensing in use is the alternate/super-dark-secure scheme or not. Mandatory
licenseModeLicenseMode Defines the mode of the poly license server communication automatic or manual Mandatory
hostnamestring The hostname of this DMA instance to be provivded to the Poly license service portal when requested.
releaseCodeSetboolean The system having previously been licensed has a release code to provide to the user for the Poly License Service Portal. This code will be retained by the system until the license configuration is updated/changed.
entityTagEntityTag The unique value generated from the server object instance. This value is the same value that MUST be applied to the HTTP Entity Tag (ETag) header for a single instance of this object. Client modification of this field is not allowed for this instance.

Nested Types/Restrictions

Length of value must be >=1
Length of value must be <=64
Value must be one of: