plcm-poly-license-config.xsd Documentation

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plcm-poly-license-config  PlcmPolyLicenseConfig

Configuration data for a client using Poly licensing.

Complex Types

PlcmPolyLicenseConfig Fields

atomLinkList List of linkSee Definition of link
use-poly-licensingxs:boolean Specifies if Poly licensing is in use/should-be-used or not. Mandatory
serial-numberxs:string Specifies the serial number of the installed product Mandatory
product-idxs:string Specifies the ID of the client product. Mandatory
product-versionxs:string Specifies the version string (x.y.z) of the client. Mandatory
request-token-credentialxs:string For auto-updating licenses, this is the required token credential to use for the connection.
license-server-addr-1xs:string For auto-updating licenses, this is the required primary server:port to use for the connection.
license-server-addr-2xs:string For auto-updating licenses, this is the optional backup server:port to use for the connection.
instance-nice-namexs:string Optional nice name for the product instance/installation to use in sorting/display on the license server.
alternatexs:boolean (deprecated) - States if the licensing in use is the alternate/super-dark-secure scheme or not. Mandatory
license-modeLicenseMode Defines the mode of the poly license server communication automatic or manual Mandatory
hostnamexs:string The hostname of this DMA instance to be provivded to the Poly license service portal when requested.
release-code-setxs:boolean The system having previously been licensed has a release code to provide to the user for the Poly License Service Portal. This code will be retained by the system until the license configuration is updated/changed.
entity-tagEntityTag The unique value generated from the server object instance. This value is the same value that MUST be applied to the HTTP Entity Tag (ETag) header for a single instance of this object. Client modification of this field is not allowed for this instance.

Simple Types

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