plcm-poly-license-status.xsd Documentation

Target Namespace


plcm-poly-license-status  PlcmPolyLicenseStatus

Licensed status for a client/install. If a licensed value is not present it is assume to be false/zero.

Complex Types

PlcmPolyLicenseStatus Fields

serial-numberxs:string Specifies the serial number of the installed product Mandatory
product-idxs:string Specifies the ID of the client product. Mandatory
product-versionxs:string Specifies the version string (x.y.z) of the client. Mandatory
concurrent-total-callsxs:int Total number of licensed calls.
concurrent-vmr-callsxs:int Total number of VMR licensed calls.
concurrent-p2p-callsxs:int Total number of P2P licensed calls.
concurrent-audio-callsxs:int Total number of audio-only licensed calls.
concurrent-vmrsxs:int Total number of VMRs.
burst-enabledxs:boolean If burst licencing is enabled.
burst-over-countxs:int Bust count over the licensed limit in the last period.
revenuexs:boolean If licensed with the revenue flag.
media-encryption-allowedxs:boolean If media encryption is allowed or not.
high-encryption-allowedxs:boolean If media encryption is allowed or not.
is-license-installedxs:boolean If a license has been installed.
last-license-update-success-timexs:dateTime Time the installed license was last updated/installed.
last-license-update-failure-timexs:dateTime If license updates are failing, this is the last failure time.