plcm-port-range-settings.xsd Documentation

Imported Namespaces

Target Namespace


plcm-port-range-settings  PlcmPortRangeSettings

Port range settings for Polycom RealPresence DMA

plcm-port-range-settings-list  PlcmPortRangeSettingsList

Represents a list of plcm-access-proxy elements.

Complex Types

PlcmPortRangeSettingsList Fields

plcmPortRangeSettingsList List of plcm-port-range-settingsSee Definition of plcm-port-range-settings
entity-tagEntityTag The unique value generated from the server object instance. This value is the same value that MUST be applied to the HTTP Entity Tag (ETag) header for a single instance of this object. Client modification of this field is not allowed for this instance.

PlcmPortRangeSettings Fields

atomLinkList List of linkSee Definition of link
plcmServicesList List of plcm-servicesSee Definition of plcm-services
interface-namexs:string Name of the network Interface Mandatory

Simple Types

Length of value must be >=1
Length of value must be <=64