Defines protocol's listening port

PlcmProtocolListeningPoint Fields

plcmAuthenticationType PlcmAuthenticationTypeSee Definition of PlcmAuthenticationType
portAssignmentTypePlcmPortAssignmentType The type of port this listening point represents, public or private.
portNumberint The listening port's number. Must be between 1024 and 65535 Mandatory
transportMechanismTransportMechanism Type of transporting mechanism. UDP actually means UDP+TCP (you can't have UDP transport by itself), TCP is TCP only.
dialPlanstring The name or UID of the dial plan to use for this listening point. If not supplied the defailt authorized dial plan will be assigned.
tlsCertValidationRequiredboolean True if this is a tls port, and requires certificate validation. False otherwise.
enabledboolean True if this listening point is enabled. False otherwise.

Nested Types/Restrictions

Value must be one of:
  • UDP
  • TCP
  • TLS
  • SCTP