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plcm-webrtc-config  PlcmWebrtcConfig

Complex Types

PlcmWebrtcConfig Fields

atomLinkList List of linkSee Definition of link
webrtc-config-enabledxs:boolean The WebRTC setting's current state. True if it's enabled, False otherwise Mandatory
secure-websocket-portxs:int The port used for WebRTC. This is a read-only field and is ignored by DMA if supplied in HTTP PUT operation
dial-planxs:string The name or UID of the dial plan to use for authorized webRTC calls. If not supplied the default authorized dial plan will be assigned.
entity-tagEntityTag The unique value generated from the server object instance. This value is the same value that MUST be applied to the HTTP Entity Tag (ETag) header for a single instance of this object. Client modification of this field is not allowed for this instance.
cluster-namexs:string The name of the cluster to which the config applies.
cluster-identifierxs:string The identifier of the cluster to which the config applies.

Simple Types

Length of value must be >=1
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